10 interesting facts about Twitter

10 interesting facts about Twitter

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  1. Twitter was founded in 2006 and earned a total of “zero” revenue for the first three years as a company.
  2. Twitter was formed from a brainstorming session held by an executive of Odeo, a podcasting company. While sitting in the park on a children’s slide and eating Mexican food, Jack Dorsey introduced his personal idea of ​​using SMS services to communicate with small groups. As the idea came up, Twitter was not intended to be used as a web portal on the internet.
  3. Twitter processes 24 billion search queries each month, Yahoo processes 9.4 billion search queries, and Bing processes approximately 4.1 billion search queries. Therefore, Google processes more than 88 billion search queries per month, so Twitter is slightly below Google in the rankings.
  4. Over 1 million Twitter accounts are opened every day and 11 new accounts are created every second.
  5. Twitter has over 500 million users, of which 140 million are active. More than 340 million tweets are sent per day.
  6. The overwhelming majority of users (64%) use Twitter via the web (twitter.com), while 16% access Twitter via mobile applications and the remaining 10% Uses Twitter clients such as TweetDeck, Seesmic, and MetroTwit.
  7. On February 16, 2012, Twitter allowed us to copy the user’s address book from our smartphone and store that information on our server for 10 months.
  8. Twitter passwords common words for security purposes. There are currently 370 prohibited words such as “123456”, “password”, “password1”, “porsche”, “ferrari”, “chelsea”, “arsenal”.
  9. If Twitter were printed on paper, it would weigh about 4 million.
  10. Over 21% of Twitter accounts are blank and have no posts at all.

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