One of the most important factors to make a successful sale on Instagram is to find the products that can be sold most and put them on sale. How to open a boutique on Instagram with you before and how to sell products on Instagram in 5 steps shared the tips of selling on Instagram by sharing my articles. While writing and writing these articles, tens, hundreds, maybe thousands of boutique or store-style accounts opened on Instagram and I got many questions about selling on Instagram and I tried to help by answering as much as my time allowed.

starting from the fact that they are very confused about what they want to sell, and especially they will start selling on Instagram. First, thanks for facilitating payment systems that have offered to sell from your Instagram. Thank you for the information they share gentlemen.

As I mentioned above, the volume of sales on Instagram is increasing today. Those who abstained while purchasing something on the internet today are shopping on Instagram today. In this sense, sharing both the product variety and the usage areas of the products offered for sale offers an impressive feature in sales from Instagram.

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I share the list of best-selling products on Instagram with shopinstar.com data, which will allow you to easily sell from Instagram. Those who are new to Instagram and those who want to sell on Instagram can also determine the products they will sell without sticking to this list.

Dress Sale

The dress is one of the most sold products on Instagram. Visually is very important in dresses and the sale of fashion clothes increases both sales and followers. The fact that a boutique selling lots of clothes on Instagram is also an indicator of this.

Jewelry & Accessories Sales

The sale of Jewelry and Accessories is another product type that is extremely common in Instagram. There are many boutiques selling accessories and jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. You can increase your sales with different colors and special designs that will especially attract the attention of buyers. By creating a special hashtag in your Jewelry and Accessories sales, you can create a special follower group and earn in other followers.

Shoe Sale

It is among the most popular products sold on Instagram. Especially women’s interest in buying shoes is very high. You can sell beautiful and imported shoes at affordable prices from wholesalers and suppliers. The rate of return in shoe sales is quite high, so avoid poor quality products and take photos of the shoes you will sell in every respect.


Personalized Products (Mobile Phone Cover and T-shirt) Sales

With the increase in the use of smartphones, the interest and need for smartphone accessories started to increase in the same way. Especially young people love to use new and different models and designs. There are even those who use multiple covers on their smartphone. You can buy special cases and covers for the most used smartphones from suitable places on the market and sell them in your own Instagram boutique.

T-shirts that belong to the dress category I mentioned above in custom-designed T-shirts, but you can have a special design. You can easily sell t-shirts with different and original designs on Instagram. The important thing is that the photos you use for your shares are clear and your designs reflect the characteristics of the buyers.

In addition, the sale of handcrafted products, especially cosmetics and local and organic products, offers a significant potential on Instagram.

As a result, when determining the products you will sell, make sure that they are the most demanded and easily available products. For this, take care to work with reliable suppliers. Otherwise, you will be halfway down and lose your credibility. Also, it is very, very important for beginners to work to increase confidence in the Instagram boutique and to share their comments and feedback from their customers.

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