Design of the operating system and communication rules of social networks

Design of the operating system and communication rules of social networks

This series systematically summarizes the basic knowledge necessary for those who want to use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the second part, explain the operating system to be implemented when social networks are used, set policies on how to communicate with users, and the method of social listening.

  1. Operating system to use social networks.

In social networks, an account looks like a character. In other words, consistency is important for operations. Whether you operate from a person or several people, it is always necessary to confirm that the content is delivered in accordance with the purpose and method of transmission. Especially when operating with several people, make sure the poster fades slightly.

In addition, to highlight the effect of social networks, it is recommended to publish with some frequency. It is desirable to have a system that allows you to publish at a certain frequency continuously.

The ideal frequency of publication cannot generally establish because it depends on the SNS used and industry. Make adjustments by reference to the accounts of other companies in the same industry and user feedback. For reference, the following is a guide to the number of publications in each social network.

Post to feed at the least once a week. Publication intervals should be as narrow as possible and should be distributed. In addition, since it is almost mandatory to use ads to increase the exposure of publications, we recommend that you also assure staff to advertising operations.

One or more posts per day, preferably three or more publications, it is desirable in the timeline. If possible, it is better to have a system that allows you to immediately post while watching the opportunity. In that case, you do not worry about the upper limit of the number of publications and adjust observing the reaction of the user.

Design of the operating system and communication rules of social networks

2 or more preferably 1 or more publications per day are recommended per week. Desirably the counting interval is as constant as possible. In addition, it is desirable that the stories are actively conducted, in addition to publishing feeds. As with the publication of the timeline of Twitter, you can do so without worrying about the upper limit or range, depending on the reaction of the user and the time you want to send.

Look and publish reactions (I like, replies, retweets, quotes, retweets, comments, shares, etc.) to publications mentioned positively to users who have products, services, companies, and content that appeal to you on social networks.

To satisfy the desire for the approval of the user, we expect the effect of increasing the number of entries and the effect of having attachments to products, services, and businesses.

Answer publications responding to users (like, reply, retweet, quote retweet, comment, share, etc.) publications account. When it is difficult to provide detailed support, it is also effective to make a publication of thanks, make a comment, or just respond with a like.

On the other hand, does not respond to comments and feedback from users, you can give a bad impression. In particular, some users angry when not answer questions or queries. If you cannot answer, you can reduce the risk beforehand stating clearly that you cannot answer your profile, etc.

Post a hashtag related to the publication or label (link) a user account related facilitates connection to other accounts and users who share the same interest. Not only the information disseminated more easily spread, but will also increase the degree of interest in the information, which is effective to increase awareness and brand.

Hashtags are especially useful in Twitter and Instagram, and labeling of accounts is especially useful in Instagram.

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