Explanation Administrator roles on Facebook pages.

What can Editors Facebook Pages?

When you create a Facebook page, you are automatically assigned the role of administrator as the page owner. However, if your page there are other people who work with you and cooperate with you, you can also assign them the Administrator role or another role.

Five types of roles on Facebook

Currently, there are five types of roles that can be assigned to people who work with Facebook pages. They include:

Administrator: the role with the greatest authority and control.

Editor: The second most authoritative role. Editors can do everything administrators can, but to manage other roles, pages, and settings.

Moderator: this role is primarily intended for people management, comments, messages, and advertising.

Advertiser In this role has to access only to the functions of creating advertising and information.

Analyst: in this role have access to everything that makes advertisers, for example, the ideas and the quality of the pages, but they cannot create ads.

Why You Should Use Facebook administrator role.

Appointment of administrator roles creates the pros and cons in every situation, but when used properly, it should be a positive thing for almost business, organization, or brand. The work of different people in different roles can help you optimize your Facebook page, and overall brand strategy and marketing.

Of course, one person may be very skilled in most options, but need to focus on all the things detracted from the quality levels, which can reach your organization. Instead, the appointment of several people as editors, moderators, advertisers, and analysts can help ease the workload and allow those who can specialize in these areas, take control, as long as you focus on the meat and potatoes of the page.

Explanation Administrator roles on Facebook pages.

Where to find and assign roles on the Facebook page.

If you are the administrator of the Facebook page, you can assign roles to other users’ Facebook pages. On the Facebook page, click Settings in the upper right corner, then Roles pages in the left vertical menu.

In the Assign a new page, enter the name or email address of the person to whom you want to assign a role in this field. Then use the drop-down list on the right to select the appropriate role. Select Add when you’re done.

Note. People who you have assigned the role will appear in the “Existing roles page” at the bottom of the page. Click the Edit button next to someone to change their role or remove a role.

What can administrators of Facebook Pages?

Facebook page administrator has the most power, with the ability to add and edit permissions and administrators as desired, edit the page and add/remove applications, create messages, moderate, comments and delete comments, send messages in the form of pages, advertising creation and viewing of all ideas.

Administrators can also view all of the actions of other administrators, removing or adjusting anything that they consider inappropriate or in need of rapid change. It gives a sense of legitimacy and order Facebook page like an actual, legitimate business tool, which did not exist before.

Thus, administrators can.

Manage roles and settings;

Edit the page and its applications;

Create and delete messages on behalf of the page;

Send messages on behalf of the page;

Reply and delete as comments and posts;

Delete and / or ban users;

Create ads, promotions and reinforced positions;

View information about the pages and pages of quality;

See which users are published on the page; and

Publish and manage jobs.

What can Editors Facebook Pages?

What can Editors Facebook Pages?

Editors can do everything except change administrator settings. This means that companies can pass on their Facebook page into the hands of a trusted employee, without having to worry about changing any basic roles pages or settings.

This gives the selected person or persons as the editors of the actual execution of the voice pages, the creation, and curation of content, as well as the personification of your brand or organization to Facebook. In fact, they are given the freedom and the ability to edit the page content in its sole discretion.

What can Facebook page Moderators?

Moderator’s Facebook page very similar to the community manager. Their main role is to manage messages on the page, as well as comments from the fans and the general public.

Usually, the editor’s job is to keep the conversation with the fans so that they feel heard. Great help can have the presence of someone whose role is solely to support the positions under the brand and maintain the flow of conversation, while you are doing other duties.

Editors interact with your fans/subscribers but do not publish the contents of the edit page they also review all responses and fans find anything out of place (by the standards of your organization), negative or just plain wrong advertised and remove it from the page.

What can analysts Facebook-page?

The analyst has the right to see the information on the event page on Facebook. By accessing metrics, Facebook pages, and social analytics, they can assess the current state of the page and create content or advertising strategy based on these metrics, to better match the results they are trying to achieve.

Analyst – it is really “a role behind the scenes.” They do not do anything and does not change with respect to the page settings, content, or audience. The only good thing for them – this is the data on audience involvement.

Analysts Only:

View information about the pages and pages of quality;

See which users are published on the page; and

Publish and manage jobs.

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