Facebook has joined the project Protect to combat the exploitation of children on the Internet.

Facebook Has Joined The Project Protect To Combat The Exploitation Of Children On The Internet.

There are several issues more pressing than protecting children on the Internet and on Facebook this week joined a new coalition of technology companies that will work together to combat the exploitation of children through digital platforms.

Child exploitation is a problem on the Internet, and we have a collective responsibility – from social networks and messaging services to cloud services and gaming platforms, as well as device manufacturers and Internet service providers to combat this violence and to protect children on the Internet. However, any sectoral problem needs to be addressed more broadly than one company – we need international efforts to combat this problem.

The «Project Protect» new group consists of representatives of Google, Microsoft, and 15 other technology companies that will work together on a number of initiatives to provide better detection and the fight against child exploitation on the Internet.

Facebook notes that the Project Protect consider the following questions:

Technical innovation – accelerating the development and use of innovative technologies to support cross-sectoral approach based on multi-million innovation fund

Collective action – the convening of technology companies, governments, and civil society to create a holistic approach to solving this problem.

Independent research – research funding through a partnership to combat violence against children, to improve our collective understanding of the experiences and models of sexual exploitation and abuse of children on the Internet, as well as learn from the effective efforts to prevent, deter and combat.

The exchange of information and knowledge. Continue to promote the effective exchange of information, experience, and expertise between the two companies to prevent and combat sexual exploitation and abuse of children on the Internet.

Transparency and accountability. Increased accountability and consistency in the industry thanks to the substantial reports of child sexual exploitation and abuse of the platforms and services of the Member. This will be done in collaboration with the Global Alliance We PROTECT.

The combination of these technology giants in the joint efforts to address these problems is an important step and will help to accelerate and expand the broader effort.

Facebook already has a number of systems and processes in their applications for the detection of such behavior, but the combined resource approach will ensure optimal development, helping them to stay one step ahead of emerging operations.

Again, this is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, and now more and more children spend on the network even more time because COVID-19 lock that can form the tendencies that arise in the future, and now is the time to expand operations in this direction.

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