Google announces new free online training on digital skills

Google Announces New Free Online Training On Digital Skills

Now that the audience cannot attend the private event, the Google announced the expansion of its training courses and courses Grow with Google, offering a new series of online sessions specifically designed to meet the increased demand during the crisis.

As Google explained:

“We offer training in digital skills, interviews with professional experts and programming of the partners, including the Merit America and the National Congress of American Indians. Topics will include “How to manage your business remotely in times of uncertainty” and “How to improve your resume with four practical strategies.”

Course schedule, which you can see above, can provide valuable information for those who want to better understand how search works, how to optimize your Google ads and how to improve your site.

In addition, Google will also offer personal assistance to a Google employee for those who attend, while Google also continues to work with more than 7000 local organizations on initiatives Education digital skills.

This may be a good opportunity to better understand the fundamentals of digital marketing, especially for those business owners who are now forced to make a significant shift in the network due to COVID-19 outages.

Google products, in particular, can be very technical, with many variables. A better understanding of how they work, directly from Google, you can help to optimize the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Companies in the US and Canada can register at any of the courses available with your Google account.

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