How to avoid being banned on Facebook!

How to avoid being banned on Facebook!

Facebook is definitely where some meet and share their feelings and more. Create a Facebook account and gradually increase your presence. And when Facebook suddenly bans your account, you don’t know what to do. You can, of course, ask your network authority to verify and recover your account, but this will take time. There is no guarantee. A better way is to avoid such things. That is the subject of this article. Let’s talk about how to prevent being banned on Facebook.

Main reasons for being banned on Facebook

There are many reasons why you may be banned from joining Facebook, but here are the main ones:

Spam: Facebook algorithms or people report that you are spamming someone else’s timeline

Too many links: This is also spam. If you post too many links on people’s timeline, Facebook may ban you.

Impersonate another person: You cannot be another person on Facebook. If someone reports that you are impersonating someone else, you will be in trouble.

Excessive activity: Again, this is spam. Uploading too many comments, likes, and posts can cause Facebook to believe you as a bot and lead to a [email protected] the best payment gateway. don’t worry about your online payments.

Type of content to post: This is the trickiest part. Something may seem absolutely normal to you, but others may find it offensive. If your content hurts someone’s feelings, faith, or beliefs, they may report your profile-leading to a ban. In some cases, Facebook may simply remove the content and make the account available.

The general rule is to play safely. In other words, be respectful and respect the feelings of others. Let’s take a closer look at how to prevent being banned on Facebook.

What does Facebook say?

While researching this issue, I came across a Facebook TOS (Terms of Service) page. Here are some points that I have pointed out to be important.

Of other people without written permission not to use the intellectual property you should. Intellectual property refers to the creative work of people. However, Facebook does not mention these intellectual property derivatives. I think the talk about intellectual property includes derivative works. In addition, it states that the content should be removed if it is reported as owned by another person. In addition, if you repeat the violation, Facebook may block access to your account if we deem it appropriate. In short, avoid posting others’ work, and instead provide a link if you want to share it.

Commercial communication Prohibited on Facebook. You cannot use your Facebook profile page or fan page for business transactions. Using profile updates as an ad or promotion is Facebook spam and therefore a rule. The concept of fan pages is not yet clear here. I think it was created to enhance my business and services. Facebook needs to be more explicit about this.

Post a status update banning the use of bots to collect Facebook information. The second part is also ambiguous because it uses the method of scheduling status updates. Using software to collect data from others is uncomfortable and unethical. Attracts the ban on Facebook accounts used by bots to access Facebook.

The use of Facebook is prohibited from illegal marketing purposes. One such example is a multi-level marketing scheme. In other words, you shouldn’t use Facebook to scam people. Anyone engaged in such activities is prohibited.

Phishing attempts can also lead to the ban of accounts of concern.

Use of hate speech, pornography, intimidation, etc. is not allowed, there is a possibility that leads to the ban of the Facebook account to which it is related. Similarly, if a user harasses, bullies, or stalks, the same thing goes wrong.

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If you have a promotion or contest on Facebook, do not try to reflect that Facebook is part of that campaign. You need to tell your viewers that you are the one who is involved in the promotion, not Facebook. That is, do not abuse Facebook’s good intentions.

The use of Facebook Illegal and anti-social acts will lead to the prohibition of the relevant accounts.

How to avoid being banned on Facebook!

How to prevent being banned on Facebook

While the above describes the key points of Facebook TOS, here are some other tips.

Do not send friend requests to strangers. If your friend requests continue to be rejected by the recipients, you may not be able to submit friend requests in the future.

Distribute non-spam posts evenly throughout the day. This prevents users from hitting the “Report Spam” button on the post.

Do not create malicious posts or pages. People may report your profile if you do.

Don’t try to sell status updates for money or any other kind of benefit. If Facebook has a reason to believe that you are advertising a brand or person, they may ban you.

Finally, don’t send more than one message to a person on your friend’s list. This is considered spam by the Facebook algorithm and leads to a ban on the accounts involved.

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