How to Make huge Profits Betting on over/under goals

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Football betting is seen as one of the largest betting sectors in the world as many bookmakers continue to spring up offering exciting odds and markets. With punters looking to gain the edge with their bets, one area that has proven to be popular in recent years is goals betting.

Goals betting involve predicting the number of goals that would occur in a match. It could come in different varieties with some bets focused on goals scored by each team and some on goals scored in the match.

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One of these types of bets that is widely marketed by bookmakers is the over/under 2.5 goals betting.  With this betting market, you bet on the odds of the game finishing with more than two goals or less than two goals.

This can be a profitable style of betting but like other forms of football betting, you can easily get burnt without proper analysis. This is because different factors can control the outcome of a football match.

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For example, some teams score more when they are at home while some score more in away matches under less pressure. There could also be other factors in play depending on whether the match is a crucial game for either team.

Hence, you should understand how to analyze this type of bet and we will be providing some useful tips on this.

Analyze key factors coming into the match

Before taking on goals, it is important to note key factors that could influence the number of goals scored in the match. One way is to check the last five matches of the individual teams. This should provide a good perspective of what could occur in the game.

For example, if both teams have experienced low scoring matches the likely outcome is a low scoring game, and betting under 2.5 could be profitable. While if both teams are on a scoring spree, it would be safer to bet on over 2.5

Analyze specific leagues for trends

Sometimes the easiest way to win is the most obvious way.  With the abundance of statistical tools online, it is easy to know the leagues that are fabled for scoring a high number of goals and those that don’t.

For example, the Eredivisie (Netherlands), Bundesliga (Germany), and Belgium League are known as high scoring leagues so an over 2.5 bet is likely in 70% of the matches. In contrast, the Argentine League, Brazilian League, and Nigerian League are known for low scoring games so an under bet would be the better option.

This simple illustration above can guide in goals betting and enables the punter to maximize winnings.

In conclusion, betting on goals is a nice way to increase your chances of maintaining long term winnings in your football betting journey. It is important that you utilize the tips highlighted in the article and add other sustainable practices.

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