Instagram tests the reel’s button in the function bar in some regions

Instagram tests the reel’s button in the function bar in some regions

when Instagram rolled out its TikTok-inspired Reels functionality in more regions, amid continued speculation about the future of TikTok in the US, technology analyst Josh Constine noted that one of Reels’ key flaws, at launch, is that there is no front. Page presence for functionality, making it difficult to find reel content.

If Instagram really wants to build a rival to TikTok, you probably need to consider the immediacy of the TikTok stream, which opens in an auto-play video stream when you launch the app.

And it seems that Instagram is aware of the same.

Today, several German Instagram users have reported seeing a new layout on Instagram, which places a new Reels button on the bottom function bar and moves the Discover magnifying glass to the top, next to the Live tab.

You can see the updated format in these screenshots, posted by the user. The circled play button is the new reel stream, with the Discover button on top.

That would give the reel feed a lot more focus, which could make it a more meaningful item. Even if, as Constine also points out in her tweet, Instagram’s Reels algorithm is not on par with TikTok streaming, for the time [email protected] Don’t worry about online payment worldofsuehendra using the best payment gateway.

The TikTok algorithm is considered a key element in the success of the app, with the focus of the app shifting to content, not contacts. All videos posted on TikTok can be viewed by anyone unless a user chooses to make their account private. So unlike Instagram where only your friends will see your posts, the main TikTok feed can be populated with a wider range of clips that align with your interests.

Given the privacy parameters already set within Instagram, you can’t really replicate that experience with Reels, unless you are looking to display all publicly posted Reels on your own tab. Which is still not the same, as it will not open to Reels content, as TikTok does. But it is closer. That seems to be what Instagram does in this test.

However, initial responses to Reels, in general, suggest that the option still has a way to go to truly compete with TikTok.

The New York Times today published a scathing critique of the option, with well-known industry journalist Taylor Lorenz writing:

I can definitely say that Reels is the worst feature I’ve ever used.

Lorenz specifically criticized the functionality of the option, noting that:

[Reels are] confusing, frustrating, and impossible to navigate. It’s as if Instagram took all the current functionality of Stories (a tool for posting photo and video montages with added filters, text, and music clips) and jammed them into a new complicated interface for no reason.

Instagram tests the reel’s button in the function bar in some regions

Most of the responses on Twitter seem to reflect the same thing: Reels is fine, but it’s not TikTok. So if TikTok finally avoids a ban in the US, it is likely to retain its audience, even with Instagram making its big push.

Could a new Reels tab on the main screen change that? Perhaps. Maybe by giving the reels more exposure more creators will be drawn to give it a try, but based on the first few answers, you probably have some other problems to solve, and probably actually make Instagram too bloated, like me and others. They have suggested.

So far, the new design only appears to be being tested in Germany, where Reels launched in June. We have asked Instagram for more information and will update this post when we have news.

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