Make Instagram posts that earn more saves

Make Instagram posts that earn more saves

In the Instagram recommended posting algorithm, it was officially announced that the number of saved is important.

What kind of photos and texts are posts that can save more?

This time, I will introduce the points for distributing contents that are easily saved on Instagram.

Differences between posts you want to like and posts you want to save You all know that attractive content such as beautiful photos and cute illustrations tends to be liked. However, the content you want to store is not always visually appealing. What is important is it useful information for the user? I will explain in detail below.

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Add detailed information to the text

On Instagram, which is an offline store that handles restaurants and merchandise sales, it is recommended to include information such as opening hours and access when you come to the store without having to search the web.

Business hours

Let’s describe business hours in an easy-to-understand manner, such as 10-18pm, closed every Tuesday. If you have a fixed store account, include it in your profile as well as in your post.

Access information It will be helpful to include information such as what you should go out of and what is your landmark,

Product name/price

If the photo introduces a dish, include the menu name and price. You can eat this omelette rice for less than 100$! It’s easy to invite your friends. The first way to ask for this topping is to say etc. Let’s keep it.

Insert text in the image

It was a long time ago that people were shunned by saying, If you put text in an image, it becomes advertisement-like and the reaction rate decreases. Now is the time when you can easily put text on images with a smartphone app. Even general user posts have a lot of content with text. By inserting the text about the product introduced in the image above into the image, you can deliver rich content without scrolling to the next part.

Make Instagram posts that earn more saves

When there is a lot of information, the first image is a beautiful image of the product you want to show and the text of the product name and price is processed. Is recommended.

Everything I’ve introduced this time comes naturally to me if I think of useful information that is worth looking back to later. Let’s think from the user’s perspective, such as what kind of anxiety and expectations you have before you come to the store, and what kind of photos and design content you find attractive.

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