Most followed models on Instagram 2020

Most followed models on Instagram 2020

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform so it is not surprising therefore it is increasingly being used by top-rated models and emerging ‘fighters’. The photo-sharing app can be considered to have changed the modeling industry; potentially forever.

With its near-complete focus on visual content like photos and videos, it is the perfect place for talent agents to explore new talent. From the model’s perspective, Instagram is a great platform for them to share their work, showcase the personality behind the perfectly posed images, and build their portfolio for impressive global organic reach.

Visual Content Calendar

Want to get inspired for your latest post with relevant ideas? Introducing the Visual Content Calendar – get inspired for your posts, learn about the important events of the day, and get hashtag suggestions optimized for the day’s events.

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No matter what day it is, there are always relevant trends, and hashtags, that you can take advantage of to create engaging Instagram posts. It’s April 10, but you don’t know what you should post? No problem. Join the #LGBTQ hashtag on World Silence Day and show your support for students who have been bullied for their identity. Or maybe you want to be inspired to post something about World Star Wars Day. Don’t be afraid, because with a quick visit to the Social Calendar you will know what to post and what hashtags to use.

How can you use the visual calendar?

You need to have an account to use this new feature. Now, log in to your account to access your dashboard. Select your Instagram account (or connect one) and then click the Manage account button. Next, click on the Social Calendar button. Voila! All you need to do now is select today’s date from the visual calendar and inspiration will hit you.

Publications and Programming

In the second tab, you can monitor all the hashtags and accounts that you select in the growth part of your account.

Most followed models on Instagram 2020

You can get inspiration or ideas from them or just republish and the fascinating thing is that it will be mentioned that you are republishing from this account and they will get credit for it. Or you can add your competitors and see what they are up to, all in one place. Also, you can go to plan and use the republish function.

The next tab is about competitions and rewards, here we have all the things you need to reward your followers and grow your account.

You have two options: use the comment or content. It’s really simple, just fill out the forms and set the conditions and all things will be set in your post.

If you choose the other, you set the rules for other people to participate in your competition and the rest is like planning a post.

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