If my Twitter account has been hacked What should I do?

If my Twitter account has been hacked What should I do?

Many social media fans swear by the network with the Vogel logo and the self-restriction of 280 characters. Twitter, which recently celebrated its 14th birthday, has undeniably a huge impact on our digital lives today and affects our societies even beyond.

While some people only use it to follow their stars, for others it is an important mouthpiece for expressing themselves on interesting topics and for many even an indispensable part of their everyday professional life.

But what if all of a sudden you realize that your Twitter account has been hacked?

How did I get hacked?

Everyone – from celebrities to ordinary people – can be a target for hacking. Even Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s account has been compromised. In his case, however, the underlying attack was a SIM swapping attack. In other cases, criminals can use other services, databases, or e-mail accounts to get e-mails, user names, and passwords they need.


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Using the Leaked Source database, which has now been deactivated, hackers could search for associated passwords using user names, for example. If the search found an email address or a password, they could try their luck with existing Twitter accounts. For example, the accounts of Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones, and Justin Bieber’s producer Dan Kanter was hacked.

Alternatively, such data can be used for credential stuffing attacks. Bots are used to make massive attempts to log into websites until a correct or valid combination of username and password is found. Unfortunately, with many users still recycling their passwords, bad guys continue to have success with it.

Another possibility is phishing. Nobody should be ashamed of this, because many phishing campaigns have become more complex today, which is why it sometimes happens. Perhaps the scammers sent you an email with a link that would take you to a website that looks very much like Twitter. Unsuspecting, they registered there and gave the attackers the access data for their account themselves.

How I can know if I got hacked?

The most obvious sign that you’ve been hacked is that your account has been blocked from accessing your account. By locked out we mean that you’ve been signed out of any device that you’ve used Twitter on and that you can’t sign in no matter what you do or how hard you try.

Your first option is to reset your password. If you are lucky, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. When you get into your account like this, great: You can then carry out a security check immediately afterward. In case you can’t get into your account like this, you have to contact the official Twitter support and hope that they will help you recover your hacked account.

In addition to being hacked and banned, your account can also be compromised. They still have access to your account. There are a variety of tell-tale signs that your alarm bells should start ringing: direct messages (DMs) you didn’t send or tweets you didn’t write. Maybe their account suddenly follows accounts you don’t know or they block people they don’t know. Another alert signal is news from Twitter that your account has been compromised or that changes have been made to your account information. If you cannot understand this and it is not a phishing email, you should immediately check to see if it is correct.

If my Twitter account has been hacked What should I do?

Twitter recommends a number of immediate measures. If you start changing your password, you should make sure that your email account is secure. Next, they should revoke access to third-party applications that you don’t recognize and update your Twitter password in trusted third-party apps. Here are Twitter’s own account security tips.

How do you prevent being hacked (again)?

Anyone who has seen the shock of a compromised or hacked account likely wants to better hedge themselves for the future. The easiest step to a more secure account is a new, more secure password or strong passphrase. Make sure, however, that you do not recycle the passphrase of another account, as this can, see above, make the compromise easier.

If you don’t like to rely on your head alone with passwords, then you should use a password manager. You can also increase your security many times over if you use two-factor authentication (2FA). This additional layer of security makes it difficult for attackers to break into your account.

Twitter supports a variety of 2FA options, such as B. Authentication using text messages, hardware tokens, or even software tokens. In fact, you shouldn’t use 2FA to secure your Twitter account, but for all other online and app accounts where this is possible. In this article, you can find out about the details of 2FA information.

We hope that you are reading these lines not as a victim of hacking, but as a precautionary measure. But if you do, we wish you every success in regaining and securing your account.

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