Twitter begins live testing of new controls over who can respond to your tweet.

Twitter begins live testing of new controls over who can respond to your tweet.

The product manager Twitter first noticed the initial stages of the project in October last year, and now Twitter has officially confirmed that a limited group of users will have access to a live test configuration management tweets hearing, which will limit people. Who can answer your updates?

Twitter begins live testing of new controls over who can respond to your tweet.

As explained on Twitter

Before you tweet, you can choose who can reply with three answer options. All(standard Twitter and default setting Only the people you follow or Only those you mention. The last two settings will be marked, and the answer icon will be grey, so people who can’t answer will understand, and those who can’t answer will be able to view,

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The version that goes on air is slightly different from the one that was first introduced by Twitter seven months ago and included the fourth option – “Statement”, which did not allow to receive answers.

Perhaps Twitter found this too restrictive and contradictory to participation on Twitter – or he realized that people could do it anyway by limiting the answers to only those mentioned on Twitter, and then just not including the @ mention. In any case, he is not there, so it seems that he was discarded at the initial stage of testing.

The goal of this option is to facilitate additional discussion options on Twitter, such as tweet type interviews that people can follow without being distracted by a thousand other voice calls. Noting that due to the possibility to limit the circle of people who can join the discussion, it will be much easier to view the key back and forth in one thread.

It is also possible to limit bullying and abuse or launch Twitter chats with specific user groups and subsets. However, at the same time, the option can also lead to problems.

If people limit their answers, they can make any statements that they like and remain relatively unverified, at least in a direct tweet thread. Theoretically, brands can also reduce criticism by restricting those who can respond to their tweets to only those who are going to respond positively, which can lead to a biased opinion about everything that they mention.

On this front, Twitter also adds markers to tweets where responses were limited, which provides some transparency over such ones.

Will that be enough to quell problems?

I mean, this is Twitter, where people go to meet others and constantly report their many personal insults to a large involuntary audience. So probably not. But in any case, it will be an interesting test, and having only a limited group of profiles that can initially use these options, we can see repeated tweets with quotes that are used as weapons to identify potential attackers of the new system.

Twitter reports that new response controls are currently being tested with “a limited group of people around the world on Twitter for iOS, Android, and” Follow them in your threads.

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