Understand the metrics of Instagram Stories

Understand the metrics of Instagram Stories

Understand more about Instagram Story metrics

Air Analytics will be launched, which will be the only one in the market that measures all the data from Instagram Stories of the digital influencers hired for its campaign.

All 15-second videos that will be part of the brand’s campaign now have specific measurements, which will deliver the performance of each digital influencer.

Measuring Instagram Stories data

Today, more than 500 million people watch the 15-second videos on Instagram Stories, so the relationship campaigns between the brand and digital influencers have grown on this tool.

But when creating the relationship, what do you need to evaluate to measure the success of the campaign?

You need to understand what each metric available for evaluation means. And within the company’s objectives, pre-established objectives in the planning, each metric will have its greatest weight in the report.

However, these evaluation metrics are in the power of the profile owner, and the professionals involved in the operation of the campaign, depending on the creator to send screen prints about the measurement of the videos.

In fact, professionals depended … with the new tool on the internet platform, this measurement becomes autonomous and will have detailed monitoring of stories.

What does Reach mean?

Reach means the number of unique views, that is, the person first saw the video. This is an important data to understand the number of people who are impacted, whether from the audience or those who do not even follow the influencer.

The meaning of Impressions

In terms of impressions, the number of times the video on Instagram Stories was viewed, regardless of whether a single person watched it more than once.

Responses in Instagram Stories

While in the feed, a greater weight of interaction is added to the comment, in Instagram Stories it is used for the responses in the video. They are those reactions or sending messages to the digital influencer.

Next – what does this metric mean?

Exclusive to Air Analytics, this metric compares the number of times the user has advanced to the next 15-second video. It is a point of attention for the retention of the internet user. If he advanced, it was because that content did not interest him.

Back, valuable metric in Instagram Stories 

Next, measuring how many people in the audience came back to watch Story again, is an exclusive metric. It is an important point of retention since the person wanted to watch again.

However, it is an important item to also evaluate the quality of content. Some people may come back to watch again because they did not understand the message.

Campaign curation, co-creation is fundamental to the success of the brand and the digital influencer in influence marketing.

Exit and it’s meaning

The name already demonstrates the function. The “leave” is when the person left the influencer profile, left the sequence of Stories. It is a decisive indicator in relation to retention. An important item for companies’ evaluation regarding the digital influencer’s ability to maintain the audience.

Retention rate on Instagram Stories

Finally, among so many points to evaluate, the retention rate in Instagram Stories measures how many people, from the followers (or not) who were impacted (Reach Rate), watched the video sequence from beginning to end, that is, until the last publication.

Understand the metrics of Instagram Stories

In this particular item, it is necessary to have more than a 15-second video hired for the campaign on Instagram Stories, in sequence. This brings the percentage of the audience that was impacted, how much the creator’s content managed to retain attention until the end of the publications.


When we talk about the quality of content, of relationships with digital influencers, some creators and even agencies of digital influencers raise the flag that is not a metric that is successful.

In parts.

When money is invested as payment for sponsored publication, or even shipping products, there is a cost to the contracting company. digital marketing professionals, who are at the end of the process, will be charged for the return on the investment made.

Any company, of any size, needs to generate reports on the actions taken and how effective the strategy was. And having this data in hand is important to maintain a relationship or strategy, or even lead to new planning, structuring, and execution of actions.

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